Sabrina Colombo

A little bit about myself...

I was born in Italy, in Milan, in 1985. 

Nature and wildlife have always been my passions since I was a kid, as I spent my whole life in the Alps, during my long summer holidays with my family.

Another passion for life, is tennis, that I played at high levels for about 20 years, before deciding to move to South Africa in 2012. 

The decision to come to South Africa arrived when I was at a standing point in my life: tennis was just too expensive to be continued, unfortunately and I couldn’t find any job in Italy related to my degree. Lions have always been my favorite animals, because of their beauty and strength. I needed to come to Africa to see them and also evaluate the possibility to start a new life and career here, monitoring them and making a difference in conservation, to help protecting our planet. 

In 2011 I landed at LEO Africa (www.leoafrica.org) a wildlife monitoring, conservation and sustainable living volunteer project based in Limpopo, South Africa. Initially, I should have stayed only 2 weeks, but after a few days I extended to two months. It was clear to me that I found my new life and passion.

After studying to become a ranger, I started working at LEO Africa in 2012 and since then, I have never changed association: I firmly believe in the work we do, in the principles, honesty, determination, passion and integrity of the work that is done by the LEO Team, to protect wildlife and most importantly, the habitat, encouraging people to reduce the consumption of plastic and all nature resources.

Life in the bush is wonderful because it teaches you that we need very little in life to be happy. All material needs are vain! Spending hours in the field monitoring wild animals, I had the opportunity to develop my photography, both for necessity and also as a passion.

With my photography, I hope to be an inspiration to many people to understand the importance of protecting our wildlife and before that, the environment. Everywhere we are in the world, we can all make a difference!

Without a healthy environment, nothing can survive.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have three jack russells who keep me company the whole time! They are my best friends!


My mission is to inspire people to make a difference on a daily basis through adapting their lifestyle to a sustainable one. We all have a duty to respect the environment, to grant a healthy future to wildlife and new generations.

My dream

My Dream is to be able to purchase land through fundraising, to keep it in its natural state or reconvert previously agricultural/urban lands to conservation areas. Nature and wild animals need land to thrive and we all need nature to survive!


All my passions in a logo...

The idea of my logo came to life in a couple of months. I wanted something that could represent my passions and values in one drawing and that was unique. My friend Sophie Niemann, an amazing artist, offered to help drafting the first logo. I feel in love immediately as she managed to put together all my ideas.

The Baobab: an iconic tree, symbol of life, longevity and wisdom. We need to preserve our environment for our future! That’s where my passion for conservation comes in. Nature is the base to everything! Baobabs are also my favorite trees!

The Lion: my favorite animal and reason why I moved to South Africa. Lions inspired my path in conservation and I wanted one represented in my logo!

The Camera: I decided to put a camera to make it easier for people to understand the link between wildlife, conservation and photography. The lion within the camera symbolises me taking a photo of it while out in the field.