Wildlife Monitoring-conservation ranger

I have matured over 8 years of experience in wildlife monitoring, camera trapping, data collection and analysis, conservation work, game capture, assistance with wildlife darting  etc. with my work at LEO Africa.

I am available for free lance jobs for short to long period of times to assist a reserve/national park in these aspects as well as facilitate a collaboration with LEO Africa for an in depth work overtime to establish key wildlife species population numbers as well as conduct conservation work to recover the natural environment.

Free lance guide/tour leader

I am available for free lance jobs in reserves and national parks as a field guide/ranger. I have FGASA Level 1, PDP, First Aid, DEAT and I am in the process to work on my full trails guide qualification. 

I am also available to organize private tours of South Africa for private/groups, from basic safaris to luxury stays.

I speak Italian, English and French, being able to assist with translations as well.

eco-friendly lodge/business consultant

Sustainable living is the optimal lifestyle to choose to grant our planet a green future. Plastic waste as well as the over exploitation of nature resources are among some of the main causes of habitat destruction and pollution.

I am available as a consultant for lodges, hotels, shops, businesses, school, families etc. to assist with making changes in the lifestyle habits to reduce our impact on the planet, with short, medium and long term objectives.

Thanks to my personalized business analysis, you’ll be able to swap to eco-friendly alternatives, improving the quality of the products while doing the right choice for our planet.

Eco Bathroom