Sustainable Living

"The World is changed by your example, not by your opinion"

This page it dedicated to inspire people to live more sustainably, giving concrete examples on how to make a difference on a daily basis. We all have the responsibility to protect our environment for the present and future generations. 

– Our Planet is our Home –

why should we live sustainably?

The environment is at the base of our lives. If we do not make sure to protect it, humankind, wildlife and any creature on our planet will probably go extinct.

Plastic pollution, the over exploitation of nature resources, mining, waste, over production, fossil fuels, carbon emission and overpopulation are having a huge impact on our lives and nature. However there is still hope, if we all do our best to live more sustainably and thinking about our actions.

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Start with these simple steps!

Many people ask me: “how can I start to live more sustainably”? Here some simple steps that everyone can adopt in their lives. Once you start, it will become automatic!

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