life in the bush teaches us that…

Life in the bush teaches us all many things. First of all, that we only need clean water and food to survive, without creating any waste and packaging pollution. By observing the wildlife, the season change, the interaction between different species and the role of trees and grasses in the eco-systems, one can understand that everything in nature is intertwined and in a perfect balance.

Life in the bush teaches us to respect nature and that in order to be happy, we do not need mobile phones, computer, super cars, new clothes, ipads, internet etc.: a lion will never look how you are dressed (they are not impressed by Gucci or Louis Vuitton) and they will never know what technology and stress are. Wild animals follow (and will always do) the natural cycle of the day, keeping as a reference for their daily “routine” sunrise and sunset.

Life in the bush teaches us that we should not stress too much and that animals do not think like humans. Unreal expectations lead us to stress and disappointment, while if you try to make the best out of every situation, life will definitely be more relaxed.

I find that more and more often, people get so detached from nature and they are impatient, distracted, not focused on the simple beauty and expecting animals to behave “at command”; this detached behavior can only lead to delusion and frustration in the observer as the fault doesn’t lie with the animal, but with the observer, that is so stuck in the frenetic, stressed city life, that doesn’t even understand that it is impossible to pretend anything from a wild animal.

A lion, an elephant, a rhino, a leopard, an impala, a giraffe and all the other wild animals, insects, birds etc that populate our beautiful planet, will never know the meaning of technology. I always encourage people to leave their personal devices on a side for a few minutes, and enjoy with the eyes, to be able to take in these wonderful moments immersed in nature with all the senses. We live in such a frenetic world that we forget to live the moment and appreciate it completely. We give for granted that some things can come back… However if are witnessing a lion yawning, hunting, sleeping, roaring, walking… You might not have the opportunity to experience such a special moment again in your life, and for sure, you will never live again that specific instant. I believe that we must appreciate life and all its gifts more deeply, as only in this way we can experience it at its best.

Wild Dogs Pack in Kruger

Often I apply this concept to myself and even if I miss a great photo opportunity, I am still happy, as instead of living a moment through the camera, I take a mental picture that will accompany me for my whole life. A while ago, when I was in Kruger, we spotted ten wild dogs who started coming towards our vehicle. In the emotion of seeing this endangered animals trotting in our direction, I started taking photos, not even sure where to focus my attention. Too many dogs, at the same times, and too much excitement! I decided to put my camera down and enjoy the moment, with the engine off. I could hear their feet and nails on the tar road, their breaths, their calls and my eyes could take in everything at the same time, something that the camera could not do. They all run past my car, one meter from me, and each of them looked at me in the eyes for a brief moment. It was one of the most amazing and unforgettable event of my life. If I would have been busy playing around with the camera or the phone to take a photo, I would have missed the priceless eye contact and all the emotions and goosebumps that came with it.

It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live. Go outside, experience nature and its beauty. Try not to fall in the frenetic lifestyle trap and in the illusion generated by induced needs that our society wants to make you believe as vital for our existence. Trust me, they are not! Life in the bush teaches us that we can be happy having very little, without being slaves of judgment and consumerism. It is far less stressful to live a simple, practical life, being grateful for and appreciating any small thing that happens to us, rather than having to cope with all the fake needs that the modern society wants to make you believe as vital for the survival. ALL WE NEED TO SURVIVE AND BE HAPPY ARE NATURE, WATER, FOOD AND A HOME TO LIVE IN. All the rest is extra.

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