Swarovski Optik Outdoor – awesome partnership (and Discount code)!

I am so excited to announce this really special partnership with Swarovski Optik Outdoor!

I was selected among 450 participants from 43 countries to become a “Swarovski Optic Nature Explorer” for one year, until May 2022, together with other 50 applicants.  The company aims to bring the beauty of nature closer to as many people as possible […] and to communicate the added value of using binoculars when exploring nature (Read the full Press Conference Here).

This is the most amazing opportunity that ever happened to me, as I have always being a fan of Swarovski Binoculars (many people might not even know that actually Swarovski produces the best binoculars in the world), and being able to use one of these amazing products for one year, is like being able to drive a Ferrari!

As a “Swarovski Optic Nature Explorer”, I received from Swarovski Optik Outdoor:

Swarovski Binocular CL Pocket 10×25 Green and Black

Binocular pouch and straps

Variable Phone Adapter (to take photos with my phone through the binocular!)

Adapter Ring for CL Pocket (for phone adapter)

An awesome cap, beanie and a buff!

Many times I am asked what type of binocular one should purchase when coming to South Africa (or in general, for wildlife and birding). I feel like recommending a very good binocular to avoid frustration and delusion. Myself, the first time I came to South Africa, I didn’t want to invest in a good binocular as I thought that my cheap one would do the job. I was wrong. I even stopped taking it out in the field because it made really little difference or none. The images were blurry, it was not enlarging the subjects that much with the result that I ended up being pretty annoyed with it. Imagine: you might see a very rare bird or animal and if you have the right binocular with you, it can really enhance the experience and makes a big difference! That’s what I learnt in my own experience, and I feel to recommend the same to others.

Learning from mistakes, when I came back home after my volunteering experience with LEO Africa in 2011 (where I really needed a great binocular actually to enjoy lion sightings even better!), I decided to invest in a quality binocular, thinking to make a once once off expense, that will last forever.

I bought a very good brand, size 10×42, that accompanied me in all these years. However, the opportunity to try and use for one year a Swarovski binocular, was just a lifetime opportunity for me! I am just scared that I won’t want to use any other binocular ever again! Once you try a Ferrari, how to go back to a Fiat Panda? LOL!

Nothing compares to Swarovski, and the Swarovski CL Pocket 10×25 that I was geared with, honestly is an amazing tool to have at any occasion. In my case, walking in the bush to monitor wild animals and birding, this Binocular offers the perfect combination: it is ultra light, it comes with a pouch and straps, the lenses are crystal clear for a perfect view and enjoyment of nature. These are extremely important characteristics especially to spot with clarity wild animals hiding behind bushes! That can really be a life saver for me. Imagine if I do not see a black rhino or a lion hiding behind a bush because the binocular doesn’t focus properly, or the lens is just not good enough to show details!

For more info, check out the Swarovski Optik website


If you are thinking to purchase a Swarovski product, please go to the Swarovski Optik website and use the PROMO CODE Sabrina10 to receive a 10% discount!!!

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