Gonarezhou National Park Chilojo Cliffs

5 June – World Environment Day

I have a dream, and I am investing all my energies to try and make it happen.

I dream to be able to buy land to restore it and protect it for the future generations, for our wildlife, and to preserve what is more important to our lives beyond anything else: nature. We all need nature, however nature doesn’t need us!

To be able to achieve my heartfelt project, I need to partner with investors (people, companies, associations, non-profits), who are keen to join my life mission to preserve “our planet, our home”. We can be many, contributing “a little”, and a “few” able to sustain larger investments. The aim is to protect natural areas from mining, urbanization, agriculture, plantations and degradation.

This project comes from my heart, as I suffer seeing wildlife and nature deprived from its beauty and limited resources because of human greed and indifference.

Together, we can make a difference! Please join me and LEO Africa in our honorable and vital conservation mission!

What a better day to start this project and than World Environment Day?

For World Environment Day, I also wrote an article for Insider Release online Information Blog.

To read the full article and to know more about World Environment Day, please click >> HERE <<

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